January 2021 Activity Report

This Report covers the month of January 2021.

The Office has received 37 applications to the Sandbox. The Office has recommended 20 of those applications to the Court for admission to the Sandbox. The Court has authorized 18 entities (in whole or in part) to offer services in the Sandbox. 6 applicants withdrew their applications; 1 has withdrawn but will resubmit its application; 1 applicant was denied by the Office. The Innovation Office has tabled 8 applications based on the Court’s statement on referral fees issued December 10, 2020. There are 2 entities currently under active review by the Innovation Office.

The following entities are operational and offering legal services to the public:

Blue Bee Bankruptcy


Rocket Lawyer

1LAW, Tanner LLC

R & R Group’s Fiduciary Law Firm

Estate Guru

There are no indications of material consumer harm.

Total Applications Received37
Applicants Recommended to Court for Authorization20
Applicants Denied Recommendation from Innovation Office1
Applicants Denied Authorization by Court0
Applicants Tabled (Referral Fees)8
Authorized Entities18
Entities Reporting Data This Month5
Entities Recommended to Exit the Sandbox0
Key Risks and TrendsThere are no reported consumer complaints from reporting entities.