March 2021 Activity Report

This report summarizes activities and actualized risk assessment of entities approved by the Utah Supreme
Court to implement legal services within the Utah Sandbox and monitored by the Office of Legal Services
Innovation. This report covers the period of October 2020 through the close of March 2021.

Total Applications Recieved47
Applicants Recommended to Court for Authorization24
Applicants Denied Recommendation from the Office1
Applicants Denied Recommendation from the Court0
Applicants Tabled (Referral Fees)8
Inactive or Withdrawn Applicants Before Recommendation7
Currently Under Office Review6
Recommend to Court for Authorization Decision4
Authorized Entities22
Entities Reporting Data in March 20218
Entities Recommended to Exit the Sandbox0
Key Risks and TrendsThere are no reported consumer complaints from reporting entities.