Request for Proposal: Executive Director


Utah State Courts

Executive Director

Office of Legal Services Innovation

Solicitation # AOC22001


The purpose of this request for proposal is to seek an Executive Director for the Office of Legal Services Innovation, the Utah Supreme Court program for regulating non-traditional legal services. This RFP is designed to provide interested individuals sufficient information to submit a proposal that meets minimum requirements. The RFP is not intended to limit a proposal’s content or exclude any relevant or essential data. We anticipate awarding this contract to a single individual.

There will be two phases on this RFP.  Those scoring 36 of the 60 points possible on the Phase 1 scoring categories of: Scope of Work (45 points possible) and Technical Capability (15 points possible) will qualify for an interview in Phase 2.  The candidate who has the highest overall score after factoring in the 40 points for the interview (grand total of 100 points possible) will be awarded the contract. 


The State of Utah Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) is the issuing office for this document and all subsequent addenda relating to it. The reference number for the transaction is Solicitation# AOC22001. This number must be referred to on all proposals, correspondence, and documentation relating to the RFP.


Proposals must be received by the posted due date and time of: Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 at 3:00 P.M. (MDT). Proposals received after the deadline will be late and ineligible for consideration. The preferred method of submitting your proposal is electronically through the U3P Utah Procurement Place website.  However, if you cannot submit bids through the U3P Procurement Place please contact Dustin Treanor to work out how to submit copies of your proposal via certified/priority mail or by hand.  If Dustin approves sending your proposal via another means, proposals must be received at the Administrative Office of the Courts, 450 South State, ATTN: Dustin Treanor, PO Box 140241, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-0241 prior to the posted due date and time.  You must list the bid number and write PRIVATE BID on the outside of the envelope.

No late proposals will be accepted.

When submitting a proposal electronically through The U3P Utah Procurement Place website, please allow sufficient time to complete the online forms and upload documents. The solicitation will end at the closing time listed in the RFP. If you are in the middle of uploading your proposal at the closing time, the system will stop the process and your proposal will not be received by the system.

Electronic proposals may require uploading of electronic attachments. The U3P Utah Procurement website will accept a wide variety of document types as attachments. However, the submission of documents containing embedded documents (zip files), mov, wmp, and mp3 files are prohibited. All documents should be attached as separate files.


The Contract resulting from this RFP will start with contract award during summer of 2021 and expire on 6/30/2022.  This contract will have 2 years of renewals possible (There are 1200-1500 hours of work we anticipate to be done through July 2022 depending on workload assigned and budget. There are extensions through July 2024 possible by mutual agreement if funding is made available at that time).


Costs will be locked at the set rate of $55 per hour for the entire term of the contract. 


Any contract resulting from this RFP will include, but not be limited to, the attached terms & conditions.


All questions must be submitted through the U3P UTAH PROCUREMENT PLACE website. Answers will also be given via the U3P procurement place site.


An oral presentation by an offeror to clarify a proposal may be required at the sole discretion of the AOC. However, the AOC may award a contract based on the initial proposals received without discussion with the Offeror. If oral presentations are required, they will be scheduled after the submission of proposals. Oral presentations will be made at the offerors expense.


The Utah Rules of Judicial Administration provide that the following business records are protected:

(1) trade secrets as defined in Utah Code Section 13-24-2,

(2) commercial information or non-individual financial information obtained from a person if: 

 (a) disclosure of the information could reasonably be expected to result in unfair competitive injury to the person submitting the information or would impair the ability of the governmental entity to obtain necessary information in the future;

 (b) the person submitting the information has a greater interest in prohibiting access than the public in obtaining access; and 

 (c) the person submitting the information has provided the governmental entity with the information specified in Utah Code Section 63G-2-309; and

(3) records the disclosure of which would impair governmental procurement proceedings or give an unfair advantage to any person.

To protect information under a claim of business confidentiality, the offeror must provide a written claim of business confidentiality at the time the proposal is provided to the State, and include a concise statement of reasons supporting the claim of business confidentiality (Utah Code Section 63G-2-309(1)).

A claim of business confidentiality may be appropriate for information such as client lists and non-public financial statements. Pricing and service elements may not be protected. An entire proposal may not be protected under a claim of business confidentiality. The claim of business confidentiality must be submitted with your proposal.

To ensure the information is protected, please clearly identify in the Executive Summary and in the body of the proposal any specific information for which the offeror claims business confidentiality protection.



  • The person who receives the contract will be the executive director of a small, core team comprising the Office of Legal Services Innovation (“Innovation Office”). The Innovation Office will operate under the direct auspices of the Supreme Court and its purpose will be to assist the Supreme Court in overseeing and regulating nontraditional legal services providers and the delivery of nontraditional legal services (“participants”) operating within the confines of a pilot legal regulatory sandbox (“Sandbox”).
  • This person will proactively contribute skills and expertise to help the Judicial Branch be most effective in accomplishing its mission. The mission of the Judicial Branch is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law. 


  • Direct and manage operations of the Office of Legal Services Innovation to achieve the Regulatory Objective, including development and execution of risk assessment policies and procedures across the regulatory platform and management of oversight of regulated entities.
  • Develop and implement ongoing strategic plans and projects to further the Regulatory Objective.
  • Coordinate and guide the Innovation Office Executive Committee and Board in their functions.
  • Oversee development of processes and materials by which the Office executes its functions.
  • Oversee and manage the relationship between the Office and its independent external researchers.
  • Manage development of website, case management system, and communications materials.
  • Manage Innovation Office team, including project manager and data analyst.  Identify additional staffing needs and execute hiring in partnership with the Court where necessary.
  • Develop relationships with strategic stakeholders inside and outside the Innovation Office.
  • Develop and maintain Innovation Office budget, support and engage with fundraising efforts, including donor development and stewardship, grant writing and reporting, and other fundraising activities.
  • Oversee Office’s reporting functions, both to the Court and to the public.
  • Represent the Office among stakeholders both within and external to Utah.


Advanced degree and five years of relevant experience in executive or combination of relevant education, training, and/or experience.  Experience managing a budget and developing financial plans. Experience developing funding sources.  

Minimum Qualifications

  • JD, MPA, or advanced degree in similar field. 

Desired Qualifications

  • Located in Salt Lake City or willing to relocate or travel somewhat frequently.
  • Knowledge of or background experience in regulation and its implementation preferred.  
  • Experience in directing an office / organization / project to achieve established objectives, including experience in one or more of the following areas:  operations, finance and budgets, fundraising, and communications.
  • Experience writing policy and decision papers for senior executives.
  • Ability to be an effective public speaker and to represent the Office before a wide array of audiences.
  • Established management skills.
  • Excellent analytic and problem-solving skills.
  • High level of emotional intelligence and excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work with people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and positions.

Supplemental Information

This is a grant funded position.

Current funding is available through at least July 2023 and possibly up to July 2024.

Typically, the contractor may sit comfortably to perform the work; however, there may be some walking, standing, bending, carrying light items, driving an automobile, etc. Special physical demands are not required to perform the work.


Proposals should detail the vendor’s experiences. Proposals should include detailed explanations of the factors the Utah State Courts will consider in awarding a contract, as detailed above, focusing on the desired qualifications.

The person must take and pass a background check before a contract is put in place.


Advanced degree in law, public administration, or similar field. 


All proposals must include:

  1. RFP Form. The State’s Request for Proposal form completed and signed.
  2. Executive Summary. The one-page executive summary is to briefly describe the offeror’s proposal. This summary should highlight the major features of the proposal. It must indicate any requirements that cannot be met by the offeror. The reader should be able to determine the essence of the proposal by reading the executive summary. Protected information requests should be identified in this section.
  3. Detailed Response. This section should constitute the major portion of the proposal and must contain at least the following information:
    1. A complete narrative of the offeror’s assessment of the work to be performed, the offeror’s ability and approach, and the resources necessary to fulfill the requirements. This should demonstrate the offeror’s understanding of the desired overall performance expectations. Clearly indicate any options or alternatives proposed. 
    2. A specific point-by-point response, to each factor the Utah State Courts will consider in awarding a contact as listed in the RFP.
  1. Cost:  The rate will be $55 per hour for the awarded vendor up to 1500 hours for the initial contract period (approximately over 12 months) with a maximum of 3000 hours for 24 months, and 4500 for the entire term of the contract (36 months).