Dr. Arul Mishra

Board Member

Arul Mishra is the David Eccles Professor of Marketing at the University of Utah. She received a
PhD in Marketing from the University of Iowa. Her research, on a broader level, focuses on
understanding different aspects of human decision-making process. Specifically, she is
interested in utilizing computational algorithms to understand decision outcomes in the area of
computational social science.
Currently she is examining the ethical consequences of algorithmic decisions. for instance, can
algorithms exacerbate or reduce the impact of social biases and inequities? Can algorithms help

society discriminate less? Can algorithms be used to increase access-to-justice for under-
represented individuals? Methodologically she uses Machine learning, Natural Language

Processing, and field studies to test social phenomenon and theories.
Arul’s research has been published in the American Psychologist, Journal of Personality and
Social Psychology, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of
Marketing, Marketing Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision
Processes, and Psychological Science. Popular accounts of her work have appeared in
the Scientific American, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, MSN Money,
The Financial Express, and Shape.