Apply Now for the Utah Legal Sandbox

The Office of Legal Services has launched a new QuickBase Application

Please note: the new application does not include the same questions as previous Sandbox applications. We will post a copy of the new application flow questions here and on the Resources Page as soon as possible.

To begin a new application, you must request an access code through the contact form below.

When you receive the code, you will receive directions on accessing the QuickBase application portal, entering your access code, and submitting your completed application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Helen Lindamood at

Under the regulation of the Office of Legal Services Innovation (“the Office”), Sandbox authorization enables entities to develop and test innovative legal services methods that are considered the unauthorized practice of law or could not otherwise be offered under the present Rules of Professional Conduct

The Office highly encourages you to review the Innovation Office Manual and the Frequently Asked Questions to prepare your application responses. You may only submit one application per entity. 

You should also note the following qualifications to participate in the Sandbox: 

  • The Sandbox is for all entity and service models that fall or could fall under Utah Rule of Professional Conduct 5.4 and Utah Supreme Court Standing Order No. 15
  • The Utah Supreme Court prohibits suspended or disbarred lawyers from holding an ownership interest of greater than 10% in any Sandbox entity and requires that applicants (and authorized entities) disclose any owner with a felony conviction. You will need this information for all controlling owners and financing partners affiliated with your entity.
  • The Sandbox does not impact other applicable Utah or federal requirements and laws, other jurisdictions’ laws and statutes, or the requirements imposed by other regulatory bodies or contractual agreements by which your entity is bound. Authorization to practice law in Utah through the Sandbox does not release any entity or individual from conforming to all other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Lawyers working with or in entities participating in the Sandbox remain subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct. Lawyers licensed in another state or country remain subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct of their state or country of license, which may prohibit them from partnering with nonlawyers in the Sandbox. 
  • Your application will be made publicly available. Content submitted via QuickBase, including supplementary information, will be considered public. You can make a claim of entity confidentiality for specific information that would qualify for protection under GRAMA Section 63G-2-305